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Company profile

In 2016, Sustainable World Technology (SuWoTec) was founded in Stadskanaal located in the Northern part of the Netherlands. This region is called 'the Top Dutch region'; the economic region of the Northern Netherlands that aims to be the forerunner of the energy transition. SuWoTec is the brainchild of four social entrepreneurs that want to address the need for a more sustainable and circular planet.The unbalance between electricity supply and demand is putting more and more strain on the electricity distribution network. Adding new renewable energy sources like wind and solar to the grid is getting more difficult and the transition to a sustainable and independent energy supply is slowed down. Real world customer problems include farms that are not allowed to deliver solar energy to the grid anymore, offices and shops that need to safeguard their operations in case of power cuts and SME’s that are not allowed to use lithium-Ion batteries indoors due to safety regulations.Placing energy buffers like batteries to store electricity can balance fluctuations between supply and demand, allow for a more efficient use of the existing distribution network and can lower electricity bills for the owners of the batteries.Suwotec offers scalable, recyclable battery systems from 50 kWh for domestic use, 120 kWh for SME use to a maximum of 20 MW for a stacked system of 120 kWh batteries for industrial applications. The minimum capacities allow for a buffer of three days electricity use. The inhouse developed smart Battery Management System (BMS) makes it possible to benefit from fluctuations in electricity price.SuWoTec is proud to have Wedeka as a partner for assembly of our battery systems. By assembling in Wedeka's social workshops, we can contribute to society by offering more people to develop themselves and to participate in employment